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Teltonika academy

About Us

If you are serious about IoT and gaining a professional skills, Teltonika Academy offers an unrivalled trainings of programming, field engineering, managing and technical support. The Teltonika Academy is the first IoT technologies training program in Lithuania.

Prepare Students for Success

Teltonika Academy identifies the strongest personal skills and class them in to the right working states. The combination of IoT technology experts and educators let us to create intense training program which prepare students for the future work.

Course Types

Our courses help students develop technical practice and build critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to succeed. We invest in the professional working enviroment and educators to create the linear trainings with competence tasks.


We empower students to succeed through the Internet of Things technologies


The mission of Teltonika IoT Academy is to offer students a comprehensive training process that is engaging and encourages them to deal with the global Internet of Things technology solutions. We are committed to providing students a quality education, encompassing: programming, hardware, electronics and CAD engineering fields.